Toy Story 3 (2010)
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    i want my music so loud that i can’t hear my life crashing and burning

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    Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much. - Oscar Wilde (via thlnkdifferent)

"There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it."
- Alfred Hitchcock
    “Thank you for gracing my life with your lovely presence, for adding the sweet measure of your soul to my existence. Thank you for every kindness. Thank you for being someone I was always proud to be with. For your guts, for your sweetness. For how you always looked, for how I always wanted to touch you. God, you were my life. I apologize for every time I ever failed you.” - What Dreams May Come
RIP Robin Williams
    I don’t think art should be only for the select few. I think it should be for the mass of the American people. Andy Warhol, born today in 1928.  (via moma)

    I don’t know anything about luck. I’ve never banked on it, and I’m afraid of people who do. Luck to me is something else: Hard work - and realizing what is opportunity and what isn’t.

    Lucille Ball (06 August 1911 - 26 April 1989